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Michalis Chatzigiannis (F.O.H.)

Martha Frintzila (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Vassilis Mantzoukis (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Leonidas Balafas (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Melina Kana (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Kos K. (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Usurum (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Panu (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Muhabet Mafia (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Silly boy Ghost Relatives (F.O.H. & Monitor)

RootlessRoot  (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Juxtapoz  (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Aerites  (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Koka&Panu (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Freedom Candlemaker (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Foken (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Cyanna Mercury (F.O.H.)
Synteknia tou geliou (F.O.H. & Monitor)

Solis Barki (F.O.H. & Monitor)


During the last 15 years, mastroKristo has collaborated with some of the most interesting and well known Greek artists and musicians.



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